SVN Diff GUI for MAC

Using FileMerge with SVN

I have been just using console diff with svn until now. But I needed to
see some changes -> comparing example config files with real ones.

Here is a really good article with some good scripts.

local copy of scripts — put in /usr/local/bin

either run svn like:

$ svn diff --diff-cmd fmdiff <other diff options, files or URLs>

$ svn update --diff3-cmd fmdiff3

$ fmresolve <conflictfile>
$ svn resolved <conflictfile>

or make changes to ~/.subversion/config

editor = vi
diff-cmd = fmdiff
diff3-cmd = fmdiff3
merge-tool-cmd = fmmerge

My Notes on git

Just starting to use git currently using subversion … so here are some basic notes:

  • create local git repo: git svn clone -s http://svnrepo
  • get latest from svn: git svn fetch then git svn rebase
  • make local changes: git add and git commit -m “message”
  • push to svn: git svn dcommit