Setting the $Id$ Tag in Subversion

Some excerpts from: Setting the $Id$ Tag in Subversion [StartupCTO]<br />/* * @author David Ordal, david -at- * @version $Id$ * */

If you want something like:

<span class="coMULTI">/*
 * @author David Ordal, david -at-
 * @version $Id: test.php 110 2009-04-28 05:20:41Z dordal $


Configure subversion to automatically add the $Id: $ tag

Set your ~/.subversion/config with the following info:

enable-auto-props = yes

*.php = svn:keywords=Id
*.js = svn:keywords=Id
<br />

Set props on existing files

That configuration will automatically apply the svn:keywords property (which sets the $Id$ tag) to all new
files. But what about existing files? For these, you’ll have to set the
property manually. Go to the root of your source tree, and run this

find . \( -name “*.php” -o -name “*.js” \) -exec svn propset svn:keywords Id {} \;

SVN Diff GUI for MAC

Using FileMerge with SVN

I have been just using console diff with svn until now. But I needed to
see some changes -> comparing example config files with real ones.

Here is a really good article with some good scripts.

local copy of scripts — put in /usr/local/bin

either run svn like:

$ svn diff --diff-cmd fmdiff <other diff options, files or URLs>

$ svn update --diff3-cmd fmdiff3

$ fmresolve <conflictfile>
$ svn resolved <conflictfile>

or make changes to ~/.subversion/config

editor = vi
diff-cmd = fmdiff
diff3-cmd = fmdiff3
merge-tool-cmd = fmmerge

PHP Build Test Errors with PHP 5.3.6 on RHEL 6

I have built PHP many times, and most of the time I just ignore the failing tests. This time I needed it for a production server, so I went thru each test and figured out why it was failing. As I did this, I put together a patch that would address the issues. There are a few things that are broken – all of these don’t apply to me and in general are minor, so I added SKIPIF statements to the tests, but most were just poorly written or the underlying library changed they way it handled incorrect input.
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Mobile Application Development

I was looking into how to run simulators of the Mobile platforms see links below:



Apple iPhone