2012 Conference – Second Night Service

Sam Powell

Joshua 14:7-15

  • Caleb wanted the hill country.
  • It was going to be hard; the Anakites were there.
  • It was a challenge.
  • God has a challenge for each of us.
  • The challenges help us to get out of our comfort zone.
  • We have to decide that we are going to take the hill country.

Numbers 13:17-14:16,20-24

What will it take?

  • God said Caleb had a different spirit:
  • A trusting sport. We need to belied God.
  • Proverbs 3:5
  • Psalm 37:3-6
  • We need to trust God. He is faithful.
  • We have to trust our leaders. If we don’t trust we won’t give our heart.
  • Leaders have to be humble to get trust.
  • We have to trust each other.
  • We must trust sister churches.
  • You have to start with wanting to trust.
  • There is a price to pay for building unity & trust. – We need to pay that price. We have to pay it.

Joshua 15:13-14

  • Satan loves division.
  • Number 13:21
  • Time to fight for what we want.
  • We have to try to do something. We may fail, but we may not.
  • The victory was that they tried.
  • Who is helping me?

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