2012 Conference – On the Mountain of the Lord

“Now is our time to change the world.” – Do I believe that? Is that my goal?

Prayers in 5 languages (I think … I barely recognized enough to guess)

  1. English (OK – I got this one)
  2. French
  3. Russian
  4. Japanese
  5. Spanish (recognized over 1/2)

Songs in at least 3 languages:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Swahili

Good news sharing from Asia
Keynote – On the Mountain of the Lord
… It will be provided
Justin Renton

Genesis 22:1-14

  • Doesn’t say anything about what Abraham thought that night… WOW!
  • Has to answer Isaac’s question about what they would sacrifice.
  • God did provide the lamb!
  • 400 years later (1900 BC this happened until 1500 BC when penned in Genesis)
  • Do I have this attitude? Do I believe that God will have a ram caught in a thicket?
  • What if we had a faith tester? Where is my faith?

Mathew 8:23-27

  • Jesus was constantly testing peoples faith around him.
  • What is a sign that our faith is not where it could be? We panic in the storms.
  • Without faith, we can turn on people & even turn on God! Fear can devour faith.
  • Don’t kill the Christian spirit on the American dream

Mathew 14:22-33

  • Disciples on the lake – freaked when Jesus was walking on water.
  • Peter got out of the boat.
  • We must fix our eyes on Jesus.
  • Start project of faith and do not complete them

Mathew 8:5-13

  • The Centurion who had his servant healed. 
  • This man had many reasons to doubt – he was not a Jew, he had blood on his hands
  • His faith was answered by God.

Jesus commends people of great faith. He did not tell people how to fix their faith. He questioned their lack of faith. Faith is a decision! 

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