RedHat / CentOS file inode, checksum, & ctime changing

Osiris is very good at finding these changes.


[213][server][cmp][/usr/bin/nslookup][ctime][Thu Jun 29 21:43:51 2006][Sat Aug 12 04:02:21 2006]
[213][server][cmp][/usr/bin/nsupdate][ctime][Thu Jun 29 21:43:53 2006][Sat Aug 12 04:02:22 2006]

I found that this can happen from /etc/cron.daily/prelink
— it is a little scarry that prelink changes files and does not even log the changes.
[CentOS] Several files’s checksum change without reason

OpenSSL to encrypt a file

There are more elegant ways to do this, but when you need to encrypt a file from one point to another this works and the tool is almost always available.

<br />encrypt:<br />openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -a -salt -in file.txt -out file.enc<br />(password)<br /><br />decrypt:<br />openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -a -in file.enc -out file.txt<br />(password)<br />

OpenSSL Command-Line HOWTO