Epson CX11NF On Ubuntu 8.10 Solved – Simple List

I have seen a bunch of stuff on the web about this printer on Ubuntu. Now I have done it enough that I wanted to just outline the simple steps:

  1. apt-get install libcupsys2-dev
  2. Download  Epson-ALCX11-filter-1.1.tar.gz
  3. tax xvzf Epson-ALCX11-filter-1.1.tar.gz
  4. cd Epson-ALCX11-filter-1.1
  5. ./configure
  6. make install
  7. cp /usr/local/bin/psto* /usr/lib/cups/filter
  8. cp /usr/local/bin/alcx* /usr/lib/cups/filter
  9. service cups restart
  10. Open System -> Administration -> Printing
  11. Open Server -> New-> Printer
  12. (my Epson is on the network so it finds it imediately)
  13. Select the Device & Click Next
  14. Make is Epson – so let it show you a list of ppd files
  15. Select AL-CX11 from the list
  16. Name the printer
  17. Click OK
  18. Open the printer options
  19. Select Printer Options Reset Paper size to letter (if applicable)
  20. Click OK

Special thanks to Rodney Gedda & windracer, for the source for this outline


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