Linksys Home Repeater

I have 2 linksys WAP54 g routers and was using one as a wireless repeater, I had WEP setup because I just wanted a no trespassing sign. This setup worked most of the time with an occasionaly reboot of both routers (every 1-2 weeks) and restarting the wireless connection on the client every few days. — not great reliability but OK for home.

I just got an eee PC with linux. The network driver is not as stable as I like, but it really does not like my network setup.

I have also been wanting to actually put a lock on the door to my network so I spent a few hours this w/e looking at retooling my network. I was shocked to find out that the linksys wireless repeater feature does not work with WPA. So back to the drawing board — looks like either run an ethernet cable upstairs or buy an N router. (hmmm… new toy OR a lot of work)

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