Custom GDM Themes

GnomeArt/Tutorials/GdmThemes – GNOME Live!

This was done in the file:
/usr/share/gdm/themes/< THEME NAME >/<THEME>.xml

  <item type=”rect”>
    <pos x=”10%” y=”10%” width=”box” anchor=”nw”/>
    <box xpadding=”10″ spacing=”10″ orientation=”horizontal”>
      <item type=”rect”>
        <pos x=”0″ y=”0″ width=”box” height=”box” expand=”true” anchor=”nw”/> <!–width=”box” height=”box” –>
        <normal color=”#000000″ alpha=”0.25″/>
        <box xpadding=”50″ ypadding=”15″ spacing=”10″ orientation=”horizontal”>
          <item type=”label”>
            <pos x=”0″ y=”0″ anchor=”nw”/>
            <normal font=”Bitstream Vera Sans Bold 10″ color=”#ffffff” />
1st line of text here
2nd line of text here

This put it in the top right corner of my GDM login window.

To test:
apt-get install xnest
gdmflexiserver –xnest

Smartcard Authentication For Firefox Evolution Mail Client


Get Smartcard Auth working as documented in:

  1. apt-get install libccid coolkey

  2. n Firefox, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Security Devices and click ‘Load’.

  3. In the Module Name field, type “CoolKey“ (or whatever)

  4. In the Module Filename field type or select “/usr/lib/pkcs11/libcoolkeypk11.s

after getting it working in Firefox run the following to enable it for Evolution
 modutil -add ‘coolkey’ -libfile /usr/lib/pkcs11/ -dbdir ~/.evolution

Ubuntu Firewall

From: :: Installing a firewall on Ubuntu

  OR guarddog (trying guarddog) gksudo guarddog

gnome-lokkit — this is a wizard that asks you a few questions and blocks ports — does not even show you your current settings

lokkit — does not give an option for samba (so no windows file shares) — I also had an issue with DNS being blocked when I changed networks 🙁

guarddog is advanced but looks like a pain for personal use

Ubuntu 8.10 on Dell XPS M1330

Shutdown not working

  • ln -sf /etc/init.d/networking /etc/rc0.d/K40networking

SSH Config

I needed to setup svn+ssh on a non standard port. I had not used ssh config file before & it does exactly what I needed it to do.



Subversion Users: Re: Useing a non-standard ssh port in a svn+ssh://

host svn1
    Port 80
    ForwardAgent no
    ForwardX11 no

host svn2
    Port 123456
    ForwardAgent no
    ForwardX11 no

Adobe OSX Case Sensitive Filesystems Don’t Mix

I’m blogging this since there was only 1 hit on google and that web site was not available when I tried to hit it.

I tried to install Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 on my MacBook Pro and got an error: This software cannot be installed because the file system of the OS volume is not supported.

This is apparently a bigger problem the PSE. But that stinks! Glad it was a download / trial. I would really be ticked if I had bought it. — Really bad since the included readme does not say anything about a using a case insensitive volume.

I also had a case sensitivity problem with
Symantec Antivirus — had to do an ln -s * UPPERCASE(*) — no this is not a function I think I used a quick awk script or something like that.

Reposted since original source was unavailable:

This is Google’s cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Jan 28, 2009 07:06:07 GMT.

Adobe doesn’t like case-sensitive file systems
Written by Scott
Sunday, 17 February 2008 10:53

I downloaded a trial of Fireworks for my little MacBook, after reading the documents about CS3 (the current version of Adobe’s ‘Creative Suite’) and Leopard (Mac’s current OS) and was all ready to install. Opened up my, got the usual, application was downloaded from the internet are you sure you want to install, warning, continued to see…

“The software cannot be installed because the file system of the OS volume is not supported.”

I was like….. WHAT? At first I had to read it again because I actually didn’t understand what it said, I mean one of the Mac’s greatest advantages is that it’s made by one company so there should never really be incompatibilities and the likes. So what was the problem? A Google search later and the top hit was in fact Adobe. Apparently case-sensitive file systems are not supported.

Where was that warning before I downloaded 400 MB of data? I use case sensitive because I find it good practice since I use linux at University, and anyway the Mac is UNIX compliant so it makes sense.

But wait there is a solution… Format your hard drive to a non-case sensitive file system. That’s not a solution?! If someone could get their new sofa through the door you wouldn’t say well you could knock your house down and rebuild it from scratch if you like?

Somehow this would have been easier on Windows, even though the Mac is for its creative use.

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