Thunderbird with Lightning & Sunbird Sharing Calendars Online & Offline

 Status: Work-In-Progress (not complete)

My goal is to be able to sync calendars between my own systems and share calendars with the other members of my family. I want to be able to be able to work both online & offline and have things updated easily.

I have the following systems:

  • Home Laptop (shared calendar(s))
  • Netbook (shared calendar(s) )
  • Work Laptop (different calendar but visible on other systems)

Other Calendars / Family Members:

  • Wife’s Laptop / Calendar (r/o)
  • Son’s Laptop / Calendar (r/o)

I am looking at running a WebDav server (Ubuntu w/ Apache) on my home LAN and sync primarily at home. May use my broadband occasionally but primarily sync @ home. I would like to use Sunbird / Lightning. Sunbird has experimental caching and lighting does not seem to have any. I have not worked this out yet.

I am using subversion to sync another data file, so I might do that with these as well, but I don’t think that would be the best solution.

Things to sync

  • Calendar / tasks
  • Address book
  • bookmarks (Firefox)
  • kee database

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